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Create insight and overview

A Brown paper session is ideally suited to create insight and overview of, for example, a strategy, a process or a customer journey. Together we literally visualize the subject on a large strip of brown 'wrapping paper' on the wall.  


In preparation for the session, we discuss exactly what the issue is and determine which approach we choose. We make choices in advance about, for example, the working method and the visual template, so that we can work as efficiently as possible during the session.  

Session itself

We start the day with a crash course in business drawing. In half an hour the participants learn the basic principles of business drawing. I hereby emphasize icons that match the subject, so that the participants can get started with confidence.  

Depending on the chosen working method, the participants set to work creating an overview and insight into the issue, which we elaborate on the  brown paper.

End result

The end result is a large visual representation of the issue and the possible solutions. Because all participants contributed to this, the support is large. Moreover, this working method ensures ownership, so that the chance of implementation of the agreed next steps is high.

And of course it's fun and useful to  photograph 'brown paper' and share it with each other and colleagues. Hang the record somewhere where everyone sees it regularly; as a reminder of an inspiring session and the next steps to be taken!

Option: professional visual

Optionally I can  digitally elaborate brown paper, so that you have a professional visual of the outcome of the session. Handy to share (online, mail, poster, presentation) and ideally suited to involve, inform and inspire other colleagues or teams. 

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