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We live in a rapidly changing world with an overload of information and new technological developments. For organizations this means plenty of opportunities and possibilities, but also an enormous increase in complexity and uncertainties. And that can lead to a lot of (superfluous) consultation and discussion, loss of focus, indecision and/or elaborate plans or complicated policy.

To be successful and to seize opportunities and possibilities, you have to see these. Literally!  

How? By visualizing them and using the power of visual thinking. Images help you organize information and structure complexity. Images enhance your problem-solving power. In short, with images you look through the information overload and complexity and you form a clear picture of the essence. So that you can make choices and determine direction from there. 


It is my mission to help people in their work environment to build a future-proof organization. With a clear vision, mission and strategy, with a culture where renewal and innovation are self-evident and where people work with commitment and pleasure.

How do I do that? Using visual techniques. Because: 'A picture says more than 1000 words'. Images activate more and different areas of the brain than just text, increasing creativity, engagement and focus. Visual communication is therefore ideally suited to:


  • to structure complexity

  • formulate solutions

  • stimulate change and innovation

  • convey information that is understood and remembered

  • increase involvement and decisiveness

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