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For a super kickstart of your trajectory

Do you really want to get your project, new campaign or annual plan off to a good start? Want to get everyone involved and get them excited? With a visual kick-off session you ensure an indelible impression and an inspiring start to every trajectory.



In preparation for the session, we will discuss exactly what you want to achieve. We determine the most important parts of the process and make choices about, for example, the working method and visual template, so that we can work as efficiently as possible during the session.

Session itself

We start the day with a crash course in business drawing. In half an hour the participants learn the basic principles of business drawing. I hereby emphasize icons that correspond to the topic, so that participants can use them during the day.  

The exact interpretation and method depend on the issue and purpose of the session. An example:  The  issue and the purpose of the session is briefly indicated, with the most important symbols already drawn on the template. The participants are asked to sign and write themselves (keywords), so that there is direct focus on the core of the issue. Questions and comments from the participants are also put on the plate or flipchart. In this way a first global visual summary of the story is already created. Afterwards, the participants can work in groups on a drawing (with keywords), for example of a further elaboration or their translation into next steps to be taken. The drawings are briefly presented to each other.

End result

The end result is a picture of the issue including input from participants and drawings by the participants themselves. This has created great support and ownership.  

Of course it is fun and useful to photograph the record and share it with each other and colleagues. Hang the record somewhere where everyone sees it regularly; as a reminder of an inspiring session and the next steps to take!

Option: professional visual

Optionally, I can elaborate the plate digitally, so that you have a professional visual of the outcome of the session. Handy to share (online, mail, poster, presentation) and ideally suited to involve, inform and inspire other colleagues or teams. 

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