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My name is Sandra Stroeve and my work combines my passion for drawing with more than 25 years of experience in leadership, strategy, marketing and communication.

Making things visual helps organize complex thoughts and ideas, strengthens creativity and gives you a fresh perspective. Whether it concerns a strategy, a communication message, a process or a working method: a visual representation communicates and inspires. The visuals I create help you to ensure that the goals you set are truly achieved. No piles of paper or endless powerpoints, just a clear story on one page.

In many companies, plans are developed according to a certain format and are refined a little every year. Real innovation is difficult, so most of us try to simply do the same thing a little better each time. This approach can be (reasonably) successful for a time. Until it 'suddenly' no longer works and we find that a different perspective is needed. This is where I can help, by providing you with an innovative, effective, no-nonsense approach that motivates and inspires.


Curious about what visual communication can mean for you? I'd love to show you!


In my many years as MT member and marketing and communication strategist, I’ve experienced the most effective methods for communication and strategy development. I never dreamed, though, that my passion for drawing could be usefully combined with my years of business experience! The change came when I discovered the concept of business drawing and visual thinking. I saw the enormous potential of using visualization to create powerful messages and successful company strategies for teams and staff.

Full of enthusiasm, I dove into the world of visual language, business drawing and visual thinking. I followed a Visual Communication course and spent day after day drawing. The puzzle pieces fell into place. I realized that this is what I want to do: incorporate my business know-how with my passion for drawing. With these skills I can help empower both people and organizations to become more successful, whether it be through better strategy development, more effective communication, improved creativity and innovation, or in their collaborations with others. Doing this work is something I truly enjoy. But beyond that, I believe that images have the power to transform a company’s strategy or message from something good to something great, and to make sure that the goals you set are truly achieved.

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