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Boos, ontevreden poppetje met grote stapel papier en blij, lachend poppetje met een visuele weergave

Brought over from Sillicon Valley

Google and Microsoft can no longer do without one: a 'graphic recorder' at meetings. Or a business draughtsman who takes visual notes, so that after the meeting there are no minutes, but drawings. With much more impact!

And tech companies in Sillicon Valley explain their complex IT processes with infographics and simple illustrations.

In the Netherlands, too, we see more and more organisations using business drawing.

Gaining overview and insight

Drawing helps to structure and get to the point. You therefore use it when you want to gain clarity and understanding of a complex situation, map out a customer journey or, for example, make the steps for achieving your goal concrete.

Poppetje dat visueel prenteert aan groepje poppetjes die blij kijken

Getting the message across effectively

You can also draw to reinforce your message, for instance during a presentation or (customer) conversation. Visual content attracts attention, is understood faster and is better remembered!

Improving cooperation

Or you draw to increase engagement and creativity. During a (team) meeting or brainstorming session, for example. The effectiveness of your session increases and cooperation becomes better and more fun!

Drie poppetjes die gezamenlijk zakelijk tekenen op een flip-over en blij zijn

In short, using simple drawings will quickly get to the heart of your story and also make your point!

Blij poppetje aan het tekenen met duim omhoog

Want to learn business drawing yourself?

You can! Because business drawing can be done by anyone! Even if you are not a drawing talent at all ;-) You can join the online Business Drawing Workshop. In 2.5 hours you will learn the basics and how to communicate effectively and inspiringly with a business drawing or visual template. Or plan an in-company training with your colleagues. In one day(s) you will learn how to visualise a theme and make consultation more effective and fun with images.​

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