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Some recent reviews and examples of commissioned visuals:

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CC Care Consultants

Visualising our approache

"Sandra has been very helpful in helping us visualise our approach to professional control and continuous improvement. Her background enables her to quickly grasp both the conceptual side and translate it into an appropriate imagination. We enjoy working with her."



- Arjen Jenninga, Organisation Consultant and Psychologist NIP -

Visual Poster Infographic CC_Zorgadviseurs

 Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Clarifying vision​ ​


"Sandra helped us to gain insight into what our dot on the horizon looks like  and how we want to get there. Our meetings were digital, to-the-point and pleasant. The email that followed a few days later with the (adjusted) drawing was always a gift! Because you talked to Sandra, it also became clearer for yourself. An extra yield!" ​


- Ellen Kloet, Senior Lecturer AVO Teacher Training -

Visual / graphic / poster / infographic / drawing Windesheim AVO

  University of Amsterdam

Visualizing research results

"In my search for a way to make research knowledge accessible in a way other than a report, I came across 'Picture it' by Sandra Stroeve.

Sandra Stroeve is very accessible, likes to think along and delivers high-quality visuals that fit the tone and the audience that we as The Worklab have in mind."

- Najat Bay  -

Visual Poster Infographic Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Business Connected


Visual summary webinar with Karim Bennamar for marketing network club De Merken Mensen  

“Sandra has a talent. She can convert words, (business) stories into clear and understandable visuals.  

She does this at lightning speed, with a lot of creativity, in her own style.”

- Dagmar van der Lee -

Visual / praatplaat / poster / infographic / tekening Webinar met Karim Benammar


Visualizing the Anchor Model

"It was a very pleasant experience to think about a new visual with Sandra. Sandra asked carefully and portrayed in a first version, appropriate and simple, what I had conveyed in many words. The process helped me, Sandra processed the feedback with patience and care. The result is impressive. We are extremely satisfied with the new visual. Tastes like more!"

- Wilma Willems -

Visual Poster Infographic Het Ankermodel - OnderwijsMens

  Stichting leerKRACHT

"Over the past 6 months I have worked intensively with Sandra on a project in which we made about 15 'visuals' of our (leerKRACHT foundation) methodology and approach. The result is clear, appealing visuals that we use with great results.

That result is threefold:

1) on social media, where they attract a lot of attention (tens of thousands of views)

2) as a basis for the layout of our website ( where they ensure consistency and overview

3) in our online academy (a private environment for participants) where our schools can download the visuals and use them as a reminder

When working with Sandra, I noticed a number of qualities:

- She quickly understood (because of her marketing background) what the core was that we wanted to convey

- She can translate complex matter into a clear, attractive and unambiguous image

- She is pleasant to work with: she shares her own ideas and is flexible in implementation

Can therefore highly recommend working with her to anyone who needs strong visuals."


- Jaap Versfelt, initiator of the LeerKRACHT foundation and former partner McKinsey & Company -

Visual / graphic / poster / infographic / drawing Stichting LeerKRACHT
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