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Our brain is visual

75% of our brain capacity is focused on visual processing. Images are processed 60,000x (!) faster than text; according to neuroscientist Mary Potter (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a human can process an image in just 13 milliseconds.

Visual information is remembered much better

We remember no less than 80% of visual information. We find written text much more difficult, we remember about 20% of it. And we only remember a paltry 10% of spoken text.

Kracht van beeld plaatjes visuele informatie
Universeel beeld plaatjes

Images are universal

Images are understood by everyone, regardless of age, social background or nationality. That is why images convey a message in such a recognizable and unambiguous way.

Images have a high information density

It is not without reason that the saying goes 'a picture says more than 1000 words'. Images contain an enormous amount of information. Moreover, they can make conceptual things such as ideas, plans or thoughts very concrete and clear.

Informatiedichtheid beeld plaatje visual

And last but not least: people find visual communication fun and inspiring!

Zakelijk Tekenen Visuele communicatie Praatplaat

It is no surprise that the power of images is being used by more and more companies to:

  • reduce complexity

  • clarify the core of an issue

  • convey a message clearly

  • stimulate problem solving and creativity

  • increase involvement and understanding

  • improve cooperation

  • make meetings run more effectively

  • make presentations more impactful



Curious about what a visual way of thinking and working can deliver in your organization?
I'd be happy to show you.

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