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Transfer your ideas with quick visualisations

During this workshop you will develop confidence and courage to transfer ideas with fast visualisations. You learn how complex matters are made transparent with images and how you apply this in daily practice. You will see how, with a number of basic drawing techniques, you can make a cool flip chart and bring energy into a meeting. No experience or drawing talent required!



“What a great, fun and educational workshop! Sandra takes you through all the basics of business drawing and the basics of making flip charts. Clear explanation and a lot of doing and practicing during the workshop. You immediately see and experience your own development in business drawing ."


- Dagmar Pronk - HELDER|73 -


You follow this Workshop online, from your own place. You will receive the materials you need at home!

The program is packed with tips and advice and of course you will practice a lot yourself. In any case, this is covered:  

  1. Basic shapes and icons

  2. Emotion and interaction

  3. Text and typography

  4. Connection and layout

  5. Flip chart principles

The workshop lasts from 9.30 am to 12 noon.

You will receive the link for participation by e-mail.

The costs are 175 euros (excluding VAT). This includes the  drawing set that will be sent to you at home prior to the workshop.


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